Cherie Strang, Dental Hygienist

cherie_strangAfter more than 35 years as a practicing hygienist, Cherie Strang has seen a lot of nervous patients. In that time, she’s learned how to adjust her techniques and strategies to make patients more comfortable. The first step is to get to know patients and sympathize with their anxieties. This compassion then guides her approach to appointments. For example, if a certain piece of equipment makes a patient especially nervous, Cherie will perform that procedure manually, if possible. She became interested in hygiene because she wanted to help people, so she goes to work with that objective in mind. Additionally, the most rewarding aspect of her job is when her patients have made significant changes to improve their oral health and show growth each visit. Cherie’s patients know that she is there to be of service to them and help them improve their lives. Cherie keeps her hands busy outside of work, as well, with a myriad of activities including gardening, skiing and reading.

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