When you visit our office, your goal is to improve or maintain your beautiful smile; our goal is to make you smile during your visit. We are committed to providing you with a comfortable, positive and beneficial experience.

Dr. Leeper knows that his patients must trust him in order to feel completely at ease, so he develops relationships with each patient to learn and understand your needs. Because oral health is an important component of overall health, Dr. Leeper approaches every appointment as an opportunity to contribute to his patients’ well-being. You can expect care, a gentle touch and respect from Dr. Leeper and the staff from your check-in until you check-out throughout every visit.


Cherie Strang, Dental Hygenist

After 35 years as a practicing hygienist, Cherie Strang has seen a lot of nervous patients. And in that time, she’s learned how to adjust her techniques and strategies to make patients more comfortable. The first step is to get to know patients and sympathize with their anxieties. This compassion then guides her approach to […]

Krista Fox, Head Dental Assistant

In more than four years as a dental assistant, Krista Fox has learned that when dental professionals show patients genuine concern, patients are able to relax and will become comfortable. So, Krista genuinely cares about every one of her patients. She gets to know them personally before their appointment begins, and because her interest is […]

Sarah Chafee, Dental Hygenist

Dental Hygienist Sarah Chafee is a perfectionist, and she takes her time with everything. For example, when a patient comes in nervous or scared, Sarah spends extra time working with those patients. She believes that when she is able to do her job carefully, conscientiously and gently, patients will trust her. And if a patient […]

Pam Daugherity, Office Manager

After 38 years working in this dental office, Front Office Manager Pam Daugherity knows how to make patients comfortable. As patients’ first line of communication, Pam knows each individual’s level of nerves or anxiety from the initial phone call. She will be the first person to welcome patients into the office, which patients find immediately […]


Dr. Ben Leeper Dr. Ben Leeper’s number one priority is to make every appointment a positive experience for his patients. So every aspect of his practice, ranging from the atmosphere of the office to his friendly, reassuring staff to his own philosophy on patient care and education, was designed with patient comfort in mind. In […]