Sarah Chafee, Dental Hygienist

sarah_chafeeDental Hygienist Sarah Chafee is a perfectionist, and she takes her time with everything. For example, when a patient comes in nervous or scared, Sarah spends extra time working with those patients. She believes that when she is able to do her job carefully, conscientiously and gently, patients will trust her. And if a patient does require extra time during a visit, Sarah makes a note in the patient’s chart to schedule a longer appointment for that patient’s next visit. This extra time and care fosters a relationship of trust. Sarah prides herself on the integrity of the office – patients’ needs and comfort are always considered before anything else. Her perfectionism is apparent in her personal life, as she enjoys working on home improvement projects with the same level of attention and care. Both of Sarah’s kids have adopted her thoroughness, and her 7 year-old proudly flosses every day.

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